Binary Today 5 Review 10/10!!

Binary Today 5 has been around since late 2012, the platform they use is MetaTrader 4, and this is a good sign that it is reliable and robust. However for me, I would make sure that you research the MT4 platform to see if it suits your trading style. Personally, I find it to be the best, ahead of NinjaTrader and any of the other comparables. This is an every trade action so I would like to see charts and news within easy reach.

In my opinion, the platform looks very professional and it is very easy to use. If you haven’t used it before, then you probably want to check out this short MT4 tutorial video:

Available Types of Binary Today 5 Trades

High or Low – Classic Binary Option trading, simply choosing if assets will go up or down.
One Touch – This is where you predict assets to reach a target price within the timeframe.
Boundary – Here you will be deciding if the asset will reach a price range or not.
60 Seconds – This is the same as the High or Low but within a 60 second timeframe.

You will really want to focus on the High or Low trades as this is the main type of trade that Binary Today 5 is focused on. It’s where you are going to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you aren’t sure about these signals, then check out my recent review of Binary Strategy. This is a more expensive software, but one that’s performing very well in today’s market conditions.

BT5 Payout

The Binary Today 5 platform will display possible returns if your trade expires in the green, this is between 70% and 85% but it will depend on the individual trade. For trades that have finished in the red you are able to request a ‘risk free trade’, although this is not available until you have achieved above a particular balance, then all you have to do is contact the online support to activate the request, for further information see T&C; on the site.

The platform is actually one of the higher paying sites and for this reason I would choose this broker for short trades, although there are options to carry a trade for longer, however the 60 second Binary options really are the way forward. To have the ability to make every second of your trading day count in comparison to the long waits and not necessarily desired profits makes a real change for a seasoned trader. It’s possible to earn your weekly profit goal in a matter of minutes depending on how accurate your predictions are, remember though that you don’t have to be precise on how many pips in either direction, it’s only the direction that counts! In my book Binary Today provides an easier way to trade quickly, it frees up some of my day and actually takes the pressure off.


The benefits of the healthy return of Binary Today 5 out way the limited drawbacks which include, difficult to understand terms and conditions, although once you try it out it will all become very clear. Reading through the literature is a bit of a challenge but once you’ve got it, trading couldn’t be easier.

The site is well loaded with training material and online support is always ready to help. Your first withdrawal will take longer than usual because of the verification process and thereafter it took just 2 working days. This is a very quick withdrawal process and it’s even better that your withdrawals have the potential of being higher than the average site with good returns and you are granted one free withdrawal per month. So if you can wait for the next free withdrawal to come around you won’t ever have to pay a fee to take your earnings, for additional withdrawal fee’s see T&C.; However getting into the habit of only withdrawing only once a month is definitely good for your trading balance and making the withdrawals much healthier. This really can be your main income if you do it properly, by taking advantage of the learning tools, OptionSmarter research and clever trading you will be on your to becoming a professional trader if you are not there already.

With the high returns offered by BT5 and the really easy straight up trading they are definitely worth a visit and considering them as your chosen platform, I score them 10 out of 10.

Binary Strategy Review: 2018 Signal Software

A Binary Strategy provides you an opportunity to earn big profits from a trade. Although the stakes may be high, but this particular kind of trading has an edge over dozens of trading methods – you can predict the outcome of the trend for a short period of time. Typical trading in the stock market takes much longer – weeks or months – before you see the outcome. But once you start utilizing Binary Options strategies as a means to trade, its expiry date may only take like an hour or so.

Binary Strategy Review 2018

Making use of Binary Strategy has its benefits. For one, you are given several options to purchase, trade, and sell your stocks. While assessing market risks, you can protect your money and invest it by selecting the best strategy from out of the Binary Options strategies and hope that the results will in your favor.

We all know that with Binary Options, you trade by predicting the outcome. This concept is like the Toss-Coin game, where you toss the coin and predict if the outcome is the heads or the tails. If you predicted a heads, and you turn out correct, then you win something. If the outcome is the tails, then that’s a different matter. You lose everything. So how can this be applied in Binary Options strategies? Using the toss-coin game, you try to forecast which prices of an asset, stock, or a commodity, are going up or going down. You get a percentage of the initial investment you have if the odds are in your favor.

You have to admit that there will be times where the odds are in your favor and there are times when you get unlucky. Still, it’s important to protect your investments and hope that your loss may be minimal or not at all, by leveraging all or one type of Binary Options Strategy managed by several traders. Before you deal with any of these, you need more understanding and knowledge so that the actual turnover of the trading will always turn out positive. Once you pursue Binary Options strategies, you are guaranteed with the best results.

Now, we’ll enumerate the different types of Binary Strategy:

This type of Binary Options strategy has garnered so many names: “married put,” “put and stock,” “bullets,” or “put hedge.” Protective Put strategy is where the owner gets full hedging coverage for their stocks. The owner buys a put to protect his investments in case the stock price drops. This is also ideal if the trader is uncertain of the stocks that he already earns so he purchases a put so that his stock position remains intact even if a possible drop of stock price goes down in the future.

For example, a Binary Today trader owns 100 shares of a particular asset trading at $60 in August. To protect his investment, he decided to use a protective put strategy by buying a SEP 50 put option at $300 to maintain his ongoing stock possession, unless he sold his share. So in the event that the stock price falls down, the trader still regains back his original investment despite some heavy losses.

This Binary Strategy exists particularly for those investors who want to extend their position within their assets. For instance, the trader who has a share in a stock inside a company can apply this strategy to gain extra money from the stocks that they currently own. Commonly called as a “buy-write” strategy, this is used by experienced traders who want to be flexible even if they have already obtained a stock ownership or share.

For traders who are pursuing this Binary strategy, it’s advisable to consult a brokerage firm or a financial advisor to see the possibilities of a success.

Traders may sometimes commit mistakes when they are trading for stocks or commodities. In this case, the Money Management is a Binary Options strategy that allows traders to follow and monitor the flow of their money and where it is headed.

Money Management is very efficient and helpful because it provides you with information on whether you have sufficient amount of money to trade for the next few days, weeks or months. This is also a preventive strategy where you can assess certain risks and perform several techniques so that you can manage your money without losing so much. This strategy also assures the trader that he may rake any profits while using the money management trade.

This particular Binary Options strategy is designed to help traders deal with stocks without suffering huge amounts of losses. You may not earn that much, but you certainly don’t need to worry about heavy losses. One of the advantages of collar options is that it setting a collar is mostly free. The price for selling the call is utilized to purchase the put. Also, when the investor uses the collar strategy, he may get a higher or lower return depending on the outcome.

The bottom line is that you never have to risk your investment unless you take any Binary Strategy for protection. As long as you have vast experience and knowledge about the market that you are about to trade in, your predictions will turn out good and there’s no need to worry about losses in the future.

Is it important to know Binary Options strategies?

We should know a great deal of Binary Options strategies to make the best out of our deals. Binary Options strategies are crucial since Binary today trading now have come as a fascinating and also interesting aspect among the economic trading market within the past few years. Within this kind of trading you will find just two probable final results, victory or perhaps a great loss. The fast results as well as higher yields would be the most significant attributes of binary options trading which have captivated a lot of traders into it. You can find various Binary Options strategies accompanied by several traders. This particular evaluation is committed in order to provide you a large number of common together with the best Binary Options strategies which are available today. Explore and be the top by using and following these strategies before stepping in the market. Make the best trades and deals and know the best strategy you can use in any situation.

Important Binary Options strategies you’ll need to know.

Though the Binary Options strategies followed may vary however the fundamental ideas of Binary Options strategies are identical. The dealing within binary options rapidly deliver the revenues and for that reason quickly becoming popular. Understanding some Binary Options strategies tells you the actual turnover within this kind of trading may give outcomes daily or perhaps on an hourly basis.
For that reason if you pursue great Binary Options strategies you can be certain of excellent results.

A few Binary Options strategies than can be effective for you marketing needs.

The pairing strategy: typically the pairing strategy is definitely an example of Binary Options strategies which is effective at yielding substantial results from your binary options trading agreement. This kind of the numerous Binary Options strategies is a partnering from ‘an’ inside the money contact and cash put. In case at termination, the location prices are amongst the two rates, you are able to nevertheless earn money since it creates a stacked placement.

Hedge and double position: An additional part of Binary Options strategies would be to couple the actual put having a call right into a hedge and double position. This particular example of Binary Options strategies can also be useful in producing large earnings.

Binary options betting strategy: By far the very typical Binary Options strategies stands out as the binary options betting, this kind of Binary Options strategies are usually described in which a trader constitutes a pull or call alternative when there is a large unpredictable move in the industry. The binary options betting strategy is probably the most often applied among the best Binary Options strategies exactly where it is in accordance with the fact which the people place positions upon indications which influence the industry costs in a very big approach.

Stop-loss trading strategy: this can be one of the most discussed among the Binary Options strategies on some of the investors. The actual stop-loss trading strategy is usually a part of the Binary Options strategies that appears easy if perhaps seen however in practical execution it requires knowledge and expertise to evaluate the best stop-loss period.

Several elements of Stop-loss trading strategy, one of the commonly used Binary Options strategies

Risk tolerance

Ideal Binary Options strategies additionally describe this risk supporting capability of any investor bears a direct effect about the stop-loss strategy of the actual traders. Because there are a various temperamental investors on the market, the particular Binary Options strategies truly rely on the private choices of any investor.

Trading vehicle

several Binary Options strategies consider this exactly where it truly varies according to which usual market tool are you currently focusing on simply because each one has a unique stop-loss strategy. A regular trader searches for a consistent stop-loss degree while an alternative trader may well pick a two perspective stop-loss strategy.

Trading style

The actual stop-loss strategy of the Binary strategies where identified where in a trading style of each and every trader is unique among them. A person may be producing 5 trades throughout the day and also the other could possibly be producing only one. Therefore it truly depends upon the actual trading style; since the previous could be searching for a tight stop-loss strategy meanwhile the other would wish a much less rigid and versatile stop-loss strategy.

Behavior of the stock market: the actual behavior of the stock market provides a significant effect on the Binary Options strategies used by the investors. Some markets might suggest more restrictive Binary strategy reviews as well as the versatile Binary Options strategies throughout unstable trade times.

Hence using the above Binary strategies mentioned you can easily produce substantial earnings within quick turnover period. Nevertheless absolutely no strategy is totally secure or even may be called fool-proof. Exactly what works best for a person is probably not effective for the some other. It is therefore the knowledge as well as technique of trading of a trader that works well for him or her and also the precise technique which he produces by himself will get him or her actual anticipated results.

Binary Broker Review: OptionSmarter

OptionSmarter is a binary option trading company founded in 2008 and one of the first companies who pioneered in binary options trading. In regards to this, they have the expertise in trading binary options, given the number of years they are into this business. Their main headquarters is located in Cyprus but with offices around the world also. Their website though is listed as France based. The binary options company is very user friendly, in such that traders and investors will have access to all the tools, charts, assets, as well as all resources needed to give them all they need to win trades. This is because they have a trading platform that is very simple to use for the investors to trade and profit easily. OptionSmarter is a trading company that offers transparency in all their trading operations, and this is very important to a trader investor, but it’s not a top rated broker by Binary Today. Their trading platform is easy for a new trader to master and this is much to the advantages of experienced traders.

General Platform Details

The trading platform of OptionSmarter is web based, making it very easy and simple to use by potential traders. There is no download that has to be done and trading can be immediate, after opening and depositing into an account. To help investors get started, they will have access to a friendly and very knowledgeable account manager to help them in the trading made. While the trading platform is very simple to use, the charts and all trading tools are likewise easy to read and view, and very easy to use. Languages available are various like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Swedish. Customer support is likewise very good and client complaints and queries will be handled by very competent and friendly personnel. Client complaints can be through phones, emails, or through live internet chat. Through these means, client complaints will be immediate and very responsive.

Trading Options

Traders at OptionSmarter will have potential returns of from 70 to 90 percent. Potential Binary Today traders and investors will have access to features allowing them to get information on the payouts they can expect on the trade once they enter an amount for trading. Traders will have expiry times of 60 seconds to 1 hour, and in 15 minutes intervals, for the trading made. The types of underlying assets available for trading are currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks, although there is no statement as to how many are these individual underlying assets. Account currency can be in US dollars, Euros, or Australian dollars. Traders can expect no manipulation in the spreads and because of the transparency in the trading operations; traders can expect to receive the accurate and fair prices of the assets they trade. Traders at OptionSmarter will have access to direct feed of prices when they place a trade, and this is direct and live feed, and they can be sure that the strike price they have will not be adjusted with spreads they are unable to see. This is an indication of the transparency in trading they are having.

Financial Details

The minimum initial deposit that a potential trader can make at OptionSmarter is 250 US dollars and the minimum trade amount he can do is 5 US dollars for a 60 seconds expiry time. For the first deposit, a trader will have benefits of a 100 percent Binary Today bonus. The deposit options that a new trader can have at OptionSmarter are the major international credit cards like Master Card, Visa, Maestro card, and also the Money Bookers. There are no commissions charged by OptionSmarter on the deposits made when the funds are transferred through the major credit cards. The maximum deposit that can be made is 5000 US dollars. Wire and electronic transfer can also be done for the initial deposit made. The currencies accepted are US dollars, Euros, and Australian dollars for these deposits made. For the wire transfers, the minimum amount accepted is 500 US dollars or its equivalent. British pound is also accepted for the wire transfer method. There may be bank charges for this method though, although for the deposits made through the major credit cards, there is none. For more information on this also look at our previous article:


OptionSmarter is a good options trading company in the overall. It has a trading platform that is very easy and simple to use and with high potential returns that a trader investor can expect. The client services extended are also great.

Yet, this is not my #1 option. For all broker recommendations, please make your way to the Binary Today Trader members area.

5 Trading Myths by Binary Today

Today is the beginning of a new series of posts I’m going to be doing here at Binary Today Trader. I want to provide helpful articles that will provide insight and new approaches to consider when it comes to your binary options trades. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy!

Binary Myth 5

There are a lot of myths about trading in binary options. One of those myths is that you can only generate financial gains when the market is going up. Most people don’t understand the markets at all, even though they hear about them on the news every day. That’s why, percentage-wise, few people are involved with market trading. However, since more and more people are involved every day, it’s time for you to understand how it works as well. Binary options traders can earn a high ROI whether an asset (such as a stock) is going up or down. It doesn’t matter what the asset is doing as long as you predict what it is going to do. You’ll make just as much money if you correctly predict an asset going down as you will if you correctly predict it going up. That’s why binary today traders always come out ahead of regular investors.

Binary Myth 4

As an ever-increasing number of people invest in binary options trading, you’ll want to be aware of these myths. One of them is the following: Binary options traders don’t make as much money as long term investors. This is absolutely false. In fact, binary options traders can make even more than long term investors, if they understand the system well enough. With higher returns on your investment, and the opportunity to get in and get out fast with only a limited loss for a bad prediction, binary options traders can be far ahead of the game. Without investing all of their savings, binary options traders aren’t going to be slaves to the trend lines the way that regular investors are. Because of this, one can make a substantial fortune with binary today very quickly as opposed to the risk that long term investing presents.

Binary Myth 3

Of the many myths surrounding binary options trading, you should be aware of this one. Binary options traders can lose their shirts in a bad trade. This is absolutely not true. Because binary trading asks you to invest a small amount ahead of time, and because you don’t have to put in tens of thousands of dollars investing in a few stocks, hoping that it will only go up, binary options traders know ahead of time how much they are going to lose if they make a bad trade. Trend lines don’t matter to a binary options trader in that they will make just as much money correctly predicting that a stock goes down as they will if they correctly predict if it will go up, which means that you only have to be right once in either direction, as opposed to long term investors who have to be right in only one direction and for a lot more money.

Binary Myth 2

With binary trading becoming more and more mainstream, this is one more myth surrounding it which you should be made aware of. One of those myths is that binary today traders can only gain capital on an upswing market. This is absolutely false. In fact, binary options traders can profit financially regardless of the economy or the market trends. Stocks don’t have to be doing well for a binary options trader to make just as much money as if they are doing poorly. Because of this, a binary options trader has a huge advantage over a long term investor. Also, the fact that binary options pays out far more on your investment is a bonus, as well as limiting your losses for bad investments. You don’t have to pay all your savings into an investment to earn significant gains in binary options trading.

Binary Myth 1

As binary options trading grows in popularity, this is probably the leading myth surrounding it. One myth is that binary options trading isn’t as secure as long term investing. This is absolutely false. Binary options trading has limits known before the trade on your losses, and it doesn’t take nearly as much money to invest in binary options as it does in long term investing. With long term investing, one has to pay thousands and thousands of dollars up front, and if the stock goes down, one can lose almost everything. However, with binary options trading, you can put just a little money in each trade and make a bigger return on investment. This limits your loss and tells you exactly how much you are risking every time. Also, because it’s much much faster to trade with binary options, you won’t run the risk of huge long term losses on a company which may be about to close very low.