5 Trading Myths by Binary Today

Today is the beginning of a new series of posts I’m going to be doing here at Binary Today Trader. I want to provide helpful articles that will provide insight and new approaches to consider when it comes to your binary options trades. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy!

Binary Myth 5

There are a lot of myths about trading in binary options. One of those myths is that you can only generate financial gains when the market is going up. Most people don’t understand the markets at all, even though they hear about them on the news every day. That’s why, percentage-wise, few people are involved with market trading. However, since more and more people are involved every day, it’s time for you to understand how it works as well. Binary options traders can earn a high ROI whether an asset (such as a stock) is going up or down. It doesn’t matter what the asset is doing as long as you predict what it is going to do. You’ll make just as much money if you correctly predict an asset going down as you will if you correctly predict it going up. That’s why binary today traders always come out ahead of regular investors.

Binary Myth 4

As an ever-increasing number of people invest in binary options trading, you’ll want to be aware of these myths. One of them is the following: Binary options traders don’t make as much money as long term investors. This is absolutely false. In fact, binary options traders can make even more than long term investors, if they understand the system well enough. With higher returns on your investment, and the opportunity to get in and get out fast with only a limited loss for a bad prediction, binary options traders can be far ahead of the game. Without investing all of their savings, binary options traders aren’t going to be slaves to the trend lines the way that regular investors are. Because of this, one can make a substantial fortune with binary today very quickly as opposed to the risk that long term investing presents.

Binary Myth 3

Of the many myths surrounding binary options trading, you should be aware of this one. Binary options traders can lose their shirts in a bad trade. This is absolutely not true. Because binary trading asks you to invest a small amount ahead of time, and because you don’t have to put in tens of thousands of dollars investing in a few stocks, hoping that it will only go up, binary options traders know ahead of time how much they are going to lose if they make a bad trade. Trend lines don’t matter to a binary options trader in that they will make just as much money correctly predicting that a stock goes down as they will if they correctly predict if it will go up, which means that you only have to be right once in either direction, as opposed to long term investors who have to be right in only one direction and for a lot more money.

Binary Myth 2

With binary trading becoming more and more mainstream, this is one more myth surrounding it which you should be made aware of. One of those myths is that binary today traders can only gain capital on an upswing market. This is absolutely false. In fact, binary options traders can profit financially regardless of the economy or the market trends. Stocks don’t have to be doing well for a binary options trader to make just as much money as if they are doing poorly. Because of this, a binary options trader has a huge advantage over a long term investor. Also, the fact that binary options pays out far more on your investment is a bonus, as well as limiting your losses for bad investments. You don’t have to pay all your savings into an investment to earn significant gains in binary options trading.

Binary Myth 1

As binary options trading grows in popularity, this is probably the leading myth surrounding it. One myth is that binary options trading isn’t as secure as long term investing. This is absolutely false. Binary options trading has limits known before the trade on your losses, and it doesn’t take nearly as much money to invest in binary options as it does in long term investing. With long term investing, one has to pay thousands and thousands of dollars up front, and if the stock goes down, one can lose almost everything. However, with binary options trading, you can put just a little money in each trade and make a bigger return on investment. This limits your loss and tells you exactly how much you are risking every time. Also, because it’s much much faster to trade with binary options, you won’t run the risk of huge long term losses on a company which may be about to close very low.

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